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President Picture President: Jeremy Sharp

Jeremy had been interested in understanding how electronic devices work since an early age, this ultimately led him to major in ECE. In his free time, Jeremy likes to experiment with and repair computers from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. As the Chair for the U of A IEEE branch, he hopes to help members learn new skills around manufacturing, testing, and repairing electronics along with helping the branch develop new activities and projects to get members more involved. Contact:
President Picture
President: Jeremy Sharp

Vice Pesident Picture Vice President: Calvin Holmes

Although Calvin always found electronics interesting, they didn’t stand out above other STEM fields. At least, not until Covid hit and he found a CRT TV—and the high voltage flyback inside—in his garage. From there he cascaded from simple ballast wiring into more complex electronics projects and deeper knowledge to boot. Entering his second year at UA, he’s looking forward to further refining and expanding his electronics knowledge. After serving as the secretary for IEEE in the past year, he will be the club's vice president this year. Calvin likes to live dangerously, from electric arcs, to high power lasers, to insanely spicy foods, he has done it all. Calvin’s hobbies include dumpster diving, using giant chopsticks, office chair racing, and power electronics. Contact:
Vice Pesident Picture
Vice President: Calvin Holmes

Treasurer Picture Treasurer: Cameron Balderrama

I built by first computer around middle school and have been fascinated by electronics ever since. I love customizing everything about my computer, from choosing the best parts inside or custom building my keyboard. It seemed an obvious choice to major in ECE for me. When I was looking at clubs to join, IEEE looked like a great place to participate in projects and meet like-minded people. Contact:
Treasurer Picture
Treasurer: Cameron Balderrama

Secretary Picture Secretary: Seven Gilbert

I've had an interest in electronics and code from a young age, having a little electronics kit and coding small games. As I got older and started playing instruments, I realized that electrical engineering was the backbone of sound synthesis and started to focus more on building instruments. I was looking for ways to get involved with my major more and connect with people in my field, so I joined IEEE. I realized how helpful the club would be for my professional development and wanted to have a role in shaping it. I had been a leading role in a few clubs at my high school and saw this as the next logical progression. Contact:
Secretary Picture
Secretary: Seven Gilbert

Lab Manager Officer Picture Lab Manager: Jesus Serratos

I am interested in engineering because I want to work with advanced technology and science. I got involved in IEEE because I was invited to the club by an existing member that thought it would be of benefit to me and I ended up becoming an officer because I thought it would bring me great opportunities to work on projects and learn. My areas of interest are anything STEM related. Contact:
Lab Manager Picture
Security Officer: Jesus Serratos

Industry Liasion Picture Industry Liasion: Khalil Gatto

I chose MSE since it is the perfect mesh of molecular and atomic physics and engineering. I also chose MSE because of the immediate danger of global warming. Because of this, I dedicate my career towards the spectroscopy of nuclear materials as well as the design of nuclear fuels in SMRs. I joined IEEE because of my interest in ECE. I have worked on a TEC Controller where I designed the PID algorithm and integrated this with a group member's design of an ADC. Right now, I am designing a boost-converter for a geiger counter for a personal project. ECE is a hobby for me. Contact:
Industry Liasion Picture
Industry Liasion: Khalil Gatto

Webmaster 1 Picture Webmaster 1: Briana Curley

I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of solving logic based problems and ECE seemed to have the perfect blend of computer science, math, and physics. I have a wide variety of interests within the field, including multi-variable calculus, circuit design, statistics, natural language processing, and web programming. After graduation, I plan to work in one of these fields or go back to school for a master’s degree or teaching certificate to teach at a community college or high school. I heard about IEEE from taking an intro engineering course and thought it seemed like the perfect way to gain practical experience and make connections. I wanted to be an officer to help offer support to students in professional development, academics, and helping them find their place in the community. Outside of that, I love biking/hiking. Contact:
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Webmaster 1: Briana Curley

Webmaster 2 Picture Webmaster 2: Connor Johnson

My first experience with software and electronics began in high school when I joined the robotics team. For two years, I served as a programmer, followed by a year as team captain and lead programmer. These formative years taught me software development foundations and teamwork, igniting my passion for programming. This led me to pursue a Software Engineering degree at UofA and become a member of IEEE. Although my post-graduation specialty is uncertain, I'm currently exploring robotics and vision systems. Outside of University, I enjoy video games, board games, and hiking. Contact:
Webmaster 2 Picture
Webmaster 2: Connor Johnson